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Portugal from East to West

January 17-21, 2024

Proença-a-Nova – Portugal – Europe




meters D+



It’s not just another ultramarathon. It’s a long journey between the highest point of mainland Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s a path of amazement, of encounter, of contact with traditions, but also of faith without the need to be a believer. It’s Portugal from east to west.

Traditionally, the winter seasons are a time of recollection, rest and preparation for a new year.

Nature at these time of the year is very harsh, but technological innovation has allowed us to develop materials that offer you protection for extreme situations and thus allow other possibilities for travel and escape.

It’s this confidence that has allowed us to move forward to this challenge of the Land of Giants.

The three mandatory conditions to become a giant are to have a real capacity for autonomy, to be self-sufficient and to know how to navigate the entire route using a GPS device.

Terra de Gigantes is an ultramarathon with a maximum completion time of 74 hours. The 303 km and 11 220 D+ of the route must be covered in self-sufficiency, between the life bases stipulated by the organization and guided only by GPS.

Linear route leaving from the highest point in Portugal and arriving in Nazaré, where you can find the highest waves in the world.

Transportation is guaranteed, between the meeting point and the Tower, in Serra da Estrela.

Demanding! That’s how we define this mix of everything, that you can find in a distance that crosses a country from east to west: technical trail, forest paths, roads, asphalt, long climbs, painful descents, cold, fog, maybe rain or even snow.

It’s a difficult route and can be extreme if the weather conditions are adverse. Very low temperatures, strong winds at the highest points and permanent rain can put the challenge at an extreme level.

Serra da Estrela and the whole region of Arganil, Lousã and even the lowest points, such as Ansião, are places of low altitude, but which mark the climates between a north and south.

Because they are not very high, the mountains make the changes in climate sometimes very abrupt and unexpected. They will be harsh on the less prepared and protected.

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